Birth of a World People

Author: Hugh J. Schonfield
Language: English

At the end of August 1956 a world event will take place in the Temple of Peace at Cardiff without precedent in the history of mankind. A People of a new order will come into being among the peoples of the world by formal proclamation and adoption of its Political Constitution: it will be known as the Commonwealth of World Citizens. The citizens will be drawn from men and women in every continent who have pledged their first loyalty to humanity, and these will constitute an impartial agency for world service and mediation identified neither with East nor West, nor with any of the conflicting ideologies. The plan to create such a People originated in 1938, and was quietly brought into operation in 1950. The new Commonwealth already has citizens in thirty-one countries, and its numbers are steadily increasing. The Co-ordinating Office is in London. The work of several distinguished experts in International Law has contributed to the framing of the unique Constitution which is to be adopted, and the text is here published for the first time. It is introduced by the founder, the well-known historian Dr. Hugh Schonfield, who describes the nature of the world people now on the eve of de facto existence, and sets out some of its functions for the promotion of peace and world unity.

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