By What Authority

Author: Hugh J. Schonfield
Language: English

This book would be well worth reading as a survey of human progress towards World Order from the Code of the Hammurabi to the concept of International Law, as an outline of governmental institutions from the Roman Empire to the United Nations, as an objective consideration of universal programmes as diverse as Functional Federalism and State Shintoism. But the book is even more worth reading as a masterly analysis of current problems and principles, spiritual, political and scientific, which affect mankind in its quest for harmony and unity.

But the reason why this book must be read by everyone concerned for the issues of War or Peace is because it makes a major contribution towards the solution of our international difficulties. The author gives here not only an answer – but perhaps The Answer – to the great question of our time. This book has something to tell which is NEWS, real and thrilling news, which thousands the world over will want to hear about and discuss. An enterprise has been begun – not just contemplated or proposed – which none of the Governments could have undertaken and which, in its fruition, can transform the international situation. The unexpectedness of the new agency may arouse controversy and even criticism in some quarters but by most it will be warmly and thankfully welcomed.

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