Memories of an East End Child

Author: Violet Harrington
Language: English

Autobiographical Stories

From a childhood in London’s East End, lived in the so-called Isle of Dogs, Violet Harrington traces an early life through the worst times and in poor circumstances to becoming a fashion manequin. Often missing what seemed to be opportunities, she becomes a wife and mother.
Her engaging yet romantic story draws us into a variegated life that lively illustrates her childhood hardships during the second world war and being mobbed as a child. As it moves on through adult life we are presented with an empathetic glimpse into all the changes that happened in the world around her.
Her ideas of success often differed from her contemporaries’ but her inspiring life, still an active thinker in her late 90’s, is a lesson to us that true beauty lies within.
This book inspires us to live our lives to the full. Together with the companion book of her poems we discover this writer’s talent for poetry and literature.

 9,27 19,89

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