Reminiscences of Louise Romberg Fuchs 1927

Author: Helen and Gertrude Franke, Louise Romberg Fuchs
Language: English

Translated from the German by Helen and Gertrude Franke 1936

We, who live in the Machine Age, can scarcely imagine how our grandparents and parents, who came from a populous country, the home of their parents, and moved with them to the thinly settled state of Texas, passed their youth—under circumstances and surroundings so entirely different from those under which we grandchildren and children live. Therefore, we gladly listen when Grandmother or Grandfather tells of that time: the pioneer days with their sorrows and joys! And so the children and grandchildren of Louise Fuchs have asked her to write down her Reminiscences, so that those days will not vanish for us in the stream of time.

Frieda H. Fuchs

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