The Dark Fire

Author: Stephen A. Engelking, Wilhelm Haller
Language: English

God’s Destructive and Loving Power in Man

The incarnation of God does not only refer to his light side, which for us Christians is represented in Jesus. The dark side of God, for many manifest in the devil, also chooses man as its home, and it is crucially important for man to become aware of this fact. Here lies a great mystery that probably cannot be fully fathomed in a human lifetime. And yet, in view of the massive threat to man and nature in our time, we must face up to this question …Man is an autonomous, sovereign, mature being whose task it is to go his own way for good and for evil, alone and with the help of his fellow men. He acts on his own responsibility. God gives him the power to do so. He fulfills his destiny and becomes a whole human being, however, only when God’s longing becomes his own …

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