The Engelking Letters

Author: Ferdinand Friedrich Engelking, Flora von Roeder
Language: English

A Collection of Letters Written by or Pertaining to Ferdinand Friedrich Engelking 1810-1885

The Engelking Letters is a collection of letters written by or pertaining to Ferdinand Friedrich Engelking 1810-1885 and translated and annotated by Flora von Roeder. They tell their own story of the struggles of this early Texas pioneer who, despite many hardships, gradually established himself and his family in the new Republic of Texas after emigrating from Germany. Sometimes the reader will be reduced to tears when reading of the death of dear ones and infants. Despite all the set backs, Ferdinand’s robust pioneering character and the support of his beloved wife enabled the couple to sustain themselves and become a meeting point of hospitality for early settlers. Together with the teacher Maetze, they were able to found Texas’ first German High School.

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