The Making of Prussia

Author: Gertha von Dieckmann, Stephen A. Engelking
Language: English

The Work of Johann August Sack and Baron Karl von Stein

So many heroes have been lost to history and this book attempts to bring the reader’s attention to two great men who by working in harmony were able to transform the fate of Prussia. Gertha von Dieckmann originally wrote this book in German in 1930. Today, the book contains so many intimate insights into the workings in the administration of the Prussian states during and after the French occupation that it has become relevant for the modern reader. For the first time this work has been now translated into English and will provide valuable insights into the background which undoubtedly led up to the catastrophic events of the twentieth century.

To make it even more informative, a considerable number of additional notes about personalities and events have been added in this English edition.This book is the result of considerable effort and research and I hope the reader will become fascinated when learning of how these two gentlemen rubbed shoulders with the kings and emperors of their time and even married into royalty. Karl Stein’s wife was even the granddaughter of the King of England, he was a friend of the Emperor of Russia and the King of Prussia. Hated by Napoleon, he fled Prussia as his close friend Sack closely escaped execution. Nevertheless, their efforts were finally to change the face of Prussia, Germany and Europe and probably the world.

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