The Man for Mankind

Author: Hugh J. Schonfield
Language: English

In this descriptive presentation I have sought for a means to acquaint the scriptwriter with the real quality and aims of JESUS – independent of Christian teaching and theology, and without the necessity of having him portrayed by an actor. I have therefore employed the device, as a means of communication to the scriptwriter – and I hope inspiration – of framing an interview with the man who was closest to Jesus, and in old age had made his home in the great Asian city of Ephesus (in modern Turkey). The man was not Peter, or any one of the Twelve Apostles, but one of a highborn priestly family in Jerusalem in whose home the Last Supper was held and the first Messianic Community of followers of Jesus had their meetings. In the memoirs he dictated he is referred to as the Beloved Disciple. Here I use this man as the one who was closest to the personality and plans of JESUS, and to whom he could speak more freely than to any other living soul.

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