The People of God and the Politics of Jesus in Society and Economy: Essays by Wilhelm Haller

Author: Wilhelm Haller
Language: English

Wilhelm (Willi) Haller (*25. Juli 1935; † 2. August 2004) was not a theologian but an industrialist. Within the framework of his commitment to the Fellowship of Reconciliation, he also lectured on theological topics.

He is mainly known for his contribution to the humanization of work but he was much concerned with philosophical and religious issues. He was very much influenced by the teachings of the bible scholar and Messianist Hugh J. Schonfield and convinced that a Servant Nation was the only way to solve the fundamental problems of mankind. He not only founded the leading flexible working hours and security equipment company, Interflex, but also was instrumental in innovative social projects. An unbelievable entrepreneur (most of his initiatives are still operating today), he was a gentle approachable person and father of four children.

This book is a collection of his essays on a variety of subjects from his theological, political and economics perspective.

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