The Politics of God

Author: Hugh J. Schonfield
Language: English

In The Politics of God, Hugh Schonfield builds upon his controversial best-seller The Passover Plot to reveal the vision which had been driving him most of his life. In searching for the common roots of Judaism and Christianity, he uncovers Jesus the Jew and the Messiah for all people.Calling on a wide range of thinkers as well as his extensive historical and biblical research, he exposes Jesus the Messiah as the founder not of a religion but of a nation set apart to the service of Mankind.This renowned historian seeks an answer to the difficulties in discovering a solution in today’s religions as well as the disillusionment with state politic’s inability to find an answer to peace in the world, Hugh Schonfield uncovers an ancient idea which he believes to be the only possible solution to Humankind’s dilemma – the Politics of God.

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