The Speech that Moved the World

Author: Hugh J. Schonfield
Language: English

A long-lost and forgotten book by the author of the Passover Plot, Hugh J. Schonfield under the pseudonym of “Hegesippus”

First published in 1932, this little book caused a sensation and stir amongst conservative Christians yet its explanation of the famous so-called Sermon on the Mount still blows like a breath of fresh air today!
The original dust jacket reiterated current reviews:

  • “From first to last the pages vindicate the tenets and words of Christ.” – the Christian
  • “This moving book which all earnest Christians will welcome.” – Dr. McInnes in the Scots Observer
  • “His book is of immense importance.” – City Mid-Week
  • “The Arguments are put forward with so little passion or rhetoric and are so obviously supported by scholarship and knowledge that the case seems beyond refutation.” – City Mid-Week
  • “The exposition here given is supported by Talmudic and other Jewish writings … singularly apt and illuminating.” – The Christian

It probably remains, as also stated on the front cover:

The Greatest Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount

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