Author: Merih Günay
Language: English

Are you ready for a bite of chocolate on a long strange trip in the heat of the night? If so you are ready to read Merih Günay’s three connecting novels in one enthralling collection.

In Sweet Chocolate at the center of things is a difficult, contradictory, complex, self-centered, failed spirit who, after having spent too much time in seclusion, tries again to find his place in the midst of life.

In A Long Strange Trip as much as the first-person narrator believes he despises ordinary life, he, however, gradually finds himself confronting the fact, as painful as it is liberating, that this is precisely his greatest asset. He then goes on to attempt to transform despair and resignation into a will to live and gain strength.

When it comes to In the Heat of the Night we are confronted by mothers kissing their neatly dressed children on the cheek and sending them off to school, the smell of fresh bread, a steaming kettle, flowers blooming under the snow, germinating seeds, foals preparing for races and chicks being fed. Somewhere, undoubtedly in the background, someone is bound to be listening to Dean’s songs. There is yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow. There are people who are among us and those who are no more. A new beginning where there is certainly a forgetting of everything or without the forgetting of anything.

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