Wilma’s Treasure Trunk: Short Stories

Author: Murat Tuncel
Language: English

Every life is a theatrical play and has its own intriguing story. But there are some lives that don’t dovetail into plays or stories. Their lives exceeded the dimensions of one particular story or play, transforming into a chain of stories and plays.
While I was constructing the story of their strange life, I found myself on stage in a play. Nobody told me to act in it. I’m a volunteer actor in this play.
The theater is where this play, in which I’m an actor, opens its curtains while you’re snoozing away in your warm, comfy bed. Sometimes after a one-act play is played, it closes its curtains before midnight, and sometimes it stays open until the morning to watch the awakening of those in the bosom of sleep. I’m the one who plays in and watches this strange game until the stories are yours.

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