THE MESSAGE OF THE BIBLE IS NOT BEING PREACHED! A call for a United Church based on the Message of Jesus, the Messiah (The Mondcivitan Writings Book 1)

The Mondcivitan Writings Series is a collection of essays and commentaries published in pamphlets and in The Mondcivitan and other Servant Nation Movement publications written by Hugh Schonfield and his associates. They deal with a wide range of subjects from biblical history, theology, mysticism, politics to management studies. They witness to Hugh Schonfield’s vision of a Servant Nation of Mankind, the seeds of which he sowed in his lifetime

Most of these essays up to now have not been republished since the days of their original appearance and are found in the archives of the Hugh & Helene Schonfield World Service Trust.

The aim is to make these exceptionally interesting writings available to a wider readership and enable the many researchers to obtain a clearer view of this exceptional thinker and his revolutionary ideas by publishing them in ebook format.