The Passover Plot

This is the new official Schonfield Trust edition of the Passover Plot which is probably one of the most controversial books on the role of Jesus the Messiah. Yet to say that, might detract from its scholarly attention to detail and its furnishing of new insights into the character of the Man who changed the world so radically. Thus it is a ‘must read’ for who are seeking a better understanding. Schonfield’s aim in life was to build a bridge between peoples and he hoped that by digging into the facts behind the origins of Christianity, he would be able to uncover the real Messiah, misrepresented since time immemorial.

His sincere desire was that this understanding would bring together those who had so long been divided. Whilst his thesis that Jesus plotted his own crucifixion may seem far-fetched or even offensive at first, seen in the light of John’s Gospel and the thinking of the times it provides food for thought to those with an open mind.

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