Bringing history and literature passionately to life.

The personalities who shaped the Prussian ideal carried to Texas by our ancestors were men and women of courage, adventure and creativity. We want to make their stories a sense of hope for the future.

Creating and preserving books in German and English about Texas Prussian history and about people who demonstrated a pioneering spirit is an important task. Producing paperback, hardcover, and ebook editions of this material is an important aspect of Texianer Verlag’s work, and we are always open to suggestions for additional publications.

Understanding these sources of our inspiration to create a better world.

In addition, we host the Schonfield Trust’s books related to biblical history and literature, and we are constantly expanding our selection of books to include business and children’s literature. We welcome your suggestions.

The work of the publishing house includes restoring and reissuing German literature and translating it into English to provide books that are of interest to the general public and can also be used as teaching materials.

Paving the way to make modern literature accessible to all

You’d be surprised how much amazing literature is being written today. Our especially close collaboration with modern authors allows us to make available novels and literature that would otherwise never have made it to the public. Our award-winning in-house authors from Istanbul – Merih Günay and Murat Tuncel – are a bundle of energy for exciting and challenging literature. We hope you enjoy browsing through our pages.