Publish Your Book

Writing is your passion – publishing is ours!

Writers spend a lot of time creating their works only to find no reasonable way of getting them published. There is the option of self-publishing of course but this is a daunting task for many and often leads to unsatisfactory results. Large publishers are naturally mainly interested in their commercial aims so usually are reticent to take on the work of unknown authors.

Cooperative Publishing

This is where our concept comes in. We work on an entirely cooperative basis. You put your work into your writing, and we put our work into publishing it. We share the risk and the rewards straight down the middle. What we don’t do is pay for mass advertising unless we decide on a shared project together.

If we accept your work, this is completely without any cost to you and we can also make copies available at low cost. We carry out all the design and layout work at our own expense. Please contact us.

We’re not looking for successful authors but for good authors – we’d like to contribute to getting your work known and available.