Banquet of Mercy for the Universe: Selected poems from Hanane Aad’s poetry, originally written in Arabic

Author: Hanane Aad
Language: English

I am the child of time, I say:
Time tastes of the most delicious wine,
we drink it, and it drinks us,
we and time await
our drunkenness together,
till the angel of indulgence,
wholly unembarrassed,
crosses our melancholy foreheads.

About Hanane Aad’s Poetry

“The latest poetry collection by the Lebanese poet Hanane Aad is distinguished by the quality of its language and by a recurrent rhetorical structure, although the latter never obscures or dilutes the poetical tension and power. What distinguishes it further are those poetical qualities that remind us of our literary ancestors, without overshadowing the author’s specific fineness of emotion and excellence of style. There are features and accents reminiscent of the Biblical prophets, creating a spiritual and sacral tone and a meditative atmosphere, and in particular recalling Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet.”

Georges Geha, Reuter’s, 25 August 2010

“Hanane Aad’s poems reveal a quiet melancholy; her poetry is a whisper rather than an assertion. She knows how to rise above everyday language, yet uses it like her mother tongue, as the language of poetry. Hers is a finely chiselled writing, and her phrases are sculpted deeply.”

– Vénus Khoury-Ghata, Paris 2000

“Hanane Aad’s Pearls of the Soul Riding Virtue displays a mystical awareness of the world, an intense language which combines intellect with intuition and also pays attention to the kind of poetical values which are absent from many works of poetry today.”

– Ahed Fadel, Al Hayat newspaper, 26 November 2006

“Hanane Aad comes from a culture that is aware of the present epoch and of the value of its words. She writes a poetry equivalent to the pulse of the soul, to the importance of the virtue that she never ceases to search for and record, sometimes through the music of words, sometimes by a philosophy that we rarely find in the work of her fellow writers today.”

– Emily Nasrallah, Al Anwar newspaper, 2006

“It is as if Hanane Aad, the poet who knows the secret of wisdom, were reassuring Al Hallaj when he was divided between two hearts: his heavenly one and his earthly one. The two main subjects of her verse, love and poetry, are expressed with eloquence and a beauty of language, and she displays great sincerity when writing about matters of the heart and the mind.”

– Dr. Sami Makarem, 27 April 2006

“A language inlaid with metaphors and with existential and creative amazement. Did not Hanane Aad herself say that her language is at one and the same time her horse, her insight and her chivalry, or fouroussyah?”

– Dr. Amine Albert Al Rihani, 27 April 2006

“The poetry of Hanane Aad is a laboratory of the soul’s power and the will, and combines both the concrete and the abstract. Her poems are based on several contrasting themes, and the poetical element in them is a result of these contrasts being developed in a vertical sequence.”

– Salman Zayneddin, Al Anwar newspaper, 2006

“Her poetry embodies a feeling of nihilism or absurdity, but in a positive sense, stimulating creation and innovation instead of death and surrender. This is the fruit of a transparent and sincere monologue, indicating the power of the heart and the power of the soul. The meditative inclination in Hanane Aad’s verse may be founded on a strategy of her poetical writing to bring the abstract down from its throne to the level of the concrete and non absolute, in order to humanize what is abstract and to set up a possible dialogue with life, or the passing age, at least within the poem.”

– Jihad Hudeib, Amman, October 2004

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