This Man Was Right

Author: Hugh J. Schonfield
Language: English

Woodrow Wilson Speaks Again

The famous historian Hugh J. Schonfield draws together a selection of speeches of Woodrow Wilson and demonstrates this great man’s dream of a better world where all can live in peace. Today, his words still carry a very relevant and timely message in a world yet to learn its lesson, yet we are left asking what happened to America’s vision.”Woodrow Wilson gave up his health and eventually his life in the first attempt, a generation ago, to preserve the world’s peace through united world action. At that time, there were many who said that Wilson had failed. Now we know that it was the world that failed, and the suffering and war of the last few years is the penalty it is paying for its failure…. Now at last the nations of the world have a second chance to erect a lasting structure of peace—a structure such as that which Woodrow Wilson sought to build but which crumbled away because the world was not yet ready. Wilson himself foresaw that it was certain to be re-built some day.”

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