Murat Tuncel

Murat Tuncel Portrait

Murat Tuncel was born in Kars, in eastern Turkey in 1952. He worked in Turkey as a primary school teacher and later taught Turkish language in a high school. He later worked as a journalist for many newspapers and magazines.
He has published eleven books in Turkish including novels, short stories children’s books and memoirs. Two of his novels and a short story collection won major literary awards in Turkey.

His first story was published in the Uyaniş newspaper in 1979. His stories are published in literary magazines such as Varlik, Evrensel Kültür, Damar, Edebıyat Dunyası, Kıyı, Gösteri Sanat, Cumhuriyet Kitap. He also regularly contributes to Turkish literary magazines on subjects such as Dutch and Flemish literature.

Its several tales are translated and are published in Russian, Arab, pulse, Korean and Azeritisch. To be last novel Inanna is translated into Arabic (Syrian), Korean and Bulgarian.
His last novel Traciasun is translated into Bulgarian and Arabıc.
He is member of Turkish writers association (TYS, Dutch writers association (VvL), Turkish PEN, Turkish journalists association and several writer club.

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