Author: Stephen A. Engelking, Wilhelm Haller
Language: English

In his revolutionary book, Neither Sword nor Scepter, Wilhelm Haller (1935-2004) discusses justice in our economic system and in our society. In doing so, he brings into play quite original approaches to solutions based on an almost completely forgotten idea.

Known as the inventor of flexitime and as the author of several books and numerous articles on management, economics and theological topics, he saw himself as a student of Martin Büber and Hugh J. Schonfield.

But he also speaks from a rich life experience as entrepreneur and founder of several social projects.

This book has hitherto only been published in German. This English interpretation now makes it available to a wider range of readers. Although written in the 1990s, its message is just as relevant and pertinent today. It is of interest not only to the manager and business leader but also to politicians and all those who have an interest in the why’s and wherefore’s of our society.

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