The Fallacy of Magnitude

Author: Hugh J. Schonfield
Language: English

Hugh Schonfield is best known for his controversial book (and the film) “The Passover Plot” yet he was a writer of considerable scope and often composed essays or gave talks on many of his pet themes, including approaching ancient religious literature from a historical point of view. Through these studies he portrays man on a path of destiny to a Wellsian future and often calls his listener to consider the meaning of true religion.

In this book we are confronted with a collection of essays which have never been put into print and which were discovered in the articles of the Mondcivitan Republic (Commonwealth of World Citizens).

Although the idea of founding a virtual Republic based on the concept of a serving world nation seems far-fetched to readers today, it expressed ideas of non-violence and sharing which perhaps will one day find themselves realised in another form from which their originator envisaged.

Hugh Schonfield arrived at his revelation of a Servant-People though his extensive research into Christian, Jewish and Biblical history. This becomes apparent when reading this collection of essays.

It has been a purpose of the Hugh and Helene Schonfield Trust to keep these ideas alive for that future generation who will one day take up the gauntlet of finding a way of creating a better and more peaceful world for all.

Schonfield‛s ideas did not fall on deaf ears and inspired many of his followers to make their own attempts of making this ancient dream a reality.

I have also included an essay from Sir Anthony Brooke who was a strong supporter of Schonfield’s ideas.

It is hoped that the reader will find these essays both inspiring and a source of pleasure.

Stephen A. Engelking (Editor)

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